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Our Team

Our energetic Children Event Sitters are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for your kids. Most of our sitters have a national background check, CPR/First AID certification, multi-reference check screening, and previous years of childcare experience.

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Mrs. Loide Davis

Founder / Owner

I was born and raised in Italy. Coming from a family of five, I had the opportunity to help take care of my nephews and nieces. Family is everything to me. I have over decade of childcare experience for all ages, from nannying to caring for children in a preschool. 

I've had the privilege of attending many weddings, and one thing I've consistently noticed is the lack of childcare options for guests. Therefore, I decided to start Children Event Sitters to offer a service that is needed to make each event stress free and family-friendly.

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  1. What is Children Event Sitters? 

  2. How can your services help increase attendance at my event?


We provide On-Site Childcare during most events. We are not your typical babysitter. Babysitters usually offer childcare in the home. Children Event Sitters provide on-site childcare at the same place where the parents are. Simple Right?!

  • We work with the event host or event organizer who wants to provide childcare for the parents who attend the event.

  • We provide age-appropriate games and engaging activities.

  • We are insured. Therefore, we eliminate the additional risk of the event host or event coordinator to provide childcare. Consequently, we take the responsibility and liability to provide care for the children for the duration of the event.

  • We can accommodate a large group of children up to 50.

  • Note: We do not provide food, drink, or the space for the event. Space is provided by the host or event coordinator. 


Safety is our #1 priority!

  • If the event location has changed, transportation must be provided by the child's parents.

  • Parents are encouraged to visit the children as much as they wish.

  • Safety is our #1 priority.  Parents must bring their child to the room for drop off.  You will receive the check-in instructions upon arrival.  No other persons are allowed to remove the child from the room for any reason without direct parental permission made in advance.  Other family or friends are not allowed to pick up children.

  • Children are always taken to the restroom by an adult.  We wait for the restroom to be clear and then send the child in while keeping other adults out until the child is finished. Note: We will change the child's diaper every time when needed. However, parents will need to supply diapers and wipes for children that are not potty trained.  We will have diaper's and wipes for emergencies.


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