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Making Child Care Less Stressful for Employees

Kids enjoying arts and crafts with an Event Sitter.


Every family would tell you that child care is expensive by either hiring a nanny or taking your child to a daycare. According to the New America Foundation and, the national average for home child care is $28,354 per year and rising.

According to well known author Lauren Smith: "There are more organizations helping their employees to figure out better and affordable child care strategies."

Some companies are starting their team meeting not before 9:30am and no later than 4:30pm to insure families have an enough time for drop off and pick up for daycares.

More and more companies are investing in portable tech to help families work from home or to make work scheduling more flexible. Especially for families with infants. This can help save money on child care and reduce stress.

Lastly, some companies decided to hire contractors or child care agencies to provide child care on-site. This idea addresses working family concerns and expresses a genuine interest to support parents in the workplace.

Child care does not have to be hard and stressful for working parents. Companies that help their employees with this difficult task will see the benefits of increase productivity , increase in moral, employee retention and more! Children Event Sitters, LLC is a child care entity that provides on-site child care for any situation. You provide the space and we will provide the fun! For more information and booking please visit us at

Arts and Craft time with an Event Sitter

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