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One of the best ways to increase attendance for your wedding or event.

Providing child care for your wedding will increase attendance!  Guest would not have to worry about finding a babysitter.  Your guest would most likely enjoy the event more, knowing that their child is nearby having fun with professional babysitters.  Also, you and your soon to be would not have to worry about your special day being interrupted by a fussy baby or babies.

Let your guest know that child care will be provided in the invitations.  As soon as your guest see that there will be child care... Stress is lifted of their shoulders. There are two options to pay for child care.  Option 1.  You can offer to pay for the flat fee for the minimal time and anything over the minimal time and number of children, the parents would have to pay.  Option 2. If you're feeling generous.. You could pay for the base fee and each additional hour and child cost.  Payments are made easy and simple online.

Lastley.  Provide the space and we will provide the care!  We believe any event location will work to provide child care for your guest.  Even if it is a one room facility, we can find a quiet corner to keep the kids occupied. If you are looking for child care for your wedding, please feel free to contact us for a FREE quote to determine the setup and how many sitters will be needed to provide a fun and engaging time for the kids.  Making things simple for parents is our middle name.

Children Event Sitters, LLC is licensed and insured.  Our sitters are highly qualified with a background check, CPR/First-Aid certification, and previous child care experience. To learn more or to apply, visit us at

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